WHO WE ARE (2015)

Story: In this documentary you see the world through the eyes of two young refugees who end up alone in the Netherlands by the age of 17. Mariwan (26) wants to work and become a famous artist, but stands still because he has no residence permit. After four years of waiting Bushra (21) has her residence permit, but she won't get her mother back, nor the time she has lost. Both share their dreams and memories with you in this poetic documentary about the confrontation between reality and expectations.

Screened at: Dutch television, Dutch Film Festival, WELCOME HERE festival The Hague

  • Director & Scriptwriter: Eline Helena
  • Production company: Dutch Mountain Film
  • Producer: Yvonne Bruynen
  • Camera: Ernst Herstel
  • Sounddesign: Richard Wilder
  • Editor: Patrick Schonewille
  • Composer: Sean de Vries
  • Broadcaster: BOS