Story: A roaddoc about two generations of migrants. Mustafa, a retired Turkish guest worker of the first generation migrants who came to the Netherlands, is driving back to Turkey with his nephew Ali. Meanwhile, a new generation of Bulgarian migrants, Mehmed, Georgi and Erkan, are driving in the opposite direction to the Netherlands for their first time. The Turkish and Bulgarian men share their dreams, hope and contemplations with us during their journey.

Screened at: Dutch Television Holland Doc - Dutch Film Festival - IDFA
  • Director: Eline Helena
  • Scriptwriter: Ajna Mulaomerovic
  • Producer: Duveken Holl
  • Camera: Ernst Herstel
  • Sounddesign: Richard Wilder
  • Editor: Rik Sluijk
  • Composer: Sean de Vries
  • Broadcaster: Human